Major Drug Trafficking Bust in Charleston

Over the weekend we learned of a major drug bust carried out through the Charleston Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF). The case resulted in the arrest of 7 suspects in the area of Charleston, S.C., and it involved the work of close to a dozen law enforcement agencies and more than 75 officers. The suspects in the case are accused of involvement in drug distribution conspiracy and trafficking in connection with drug trafficking operations originating in Mexico, and the investigation dates back to 2011. Now that the suspects are in custody, it can be expected that the Federal Government will be prepared to go the distance in pursuing a conviction in the case. After investing so much time and effort in investigating and carrying out the arrests, they are not likely to settle for anything less than a full victory, and the suspects have a real fight on their hands if they want to attempt to avoid a guilty verdict. Commenting on the case, drug defense attorney Jeff Manciagli had this to say:

The DEA, through their OCDETF Task Forces, are perhaps the best drug trafficking investigators to be found. Using skilled agents who are provided with vast resources, they usually put together very solid cases. This is one of the reasons that U.S. Attorneys' offices across the country have conviction rates exceeding 90 percent. If you are to have any shot of getting out of a federal drug trafficking/conspiracy prosecution, it will be through the representation of a knowledgeable attorney with extensive experience in this kind of case.

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