Jeff Manciagli Beats Heroin Smuggling Charges

Attorney Jeff Manciagli recently represented a man charged with drug-related offenses and secured a very favorable outcome for his client. The man worked briefly as a commercial food courier for a company in Guatemala. When he flew into the Atlanta airport last April, nearly seven kilos of heroin were discovered by customs in his bag. Before the heroin was found, the man denied his position as a commercial food courier.

He was then accused of conspiracy to import heroin and possession with intent to distribute. Although he was offered a plea deal under the Holder Memo, Attorney Manciagli advised his client to turn it down. The man would have spent nearly three and a half years in jail.

Continual Government Implorations Pay Off

Instead, Attorney Manciagli continued imploring the government to dismiss the man’s charges, who denied knowing about the heroin. Finally, Attorney Manciagli’s efforts paid off. The government agreed to dismiss the charges and his client pled guilty to making a false statement. He received a joint sentencing recommendation of one year and one day. If all goes according to plan, he should be released shortly.

This is an exciting case result for Attorney Manciagli and one that is consistent with his past successes over the years. With over 30 years of experience behind him, you can trust Attorney Manciagli’s representation and legal counsel. Schedule a consultation with the firm’s Atlanta criminal defense attorney if you are facing criminal charges of any kind!