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The DEA Contacted Me. What Do I Do?

How Does the DEA Contact Civilians?

It’s first important to know for sure if it is a real DEA agent contacting you. The DEA has put out a warning of a widespread fraud scheme in which telephone scammers impersonate DEA agents in an attempt to extort money or steal personal identifiable information. According to the DEA website, they will only reach out to civilians in person or through the mail. In other words, they will not call or email you. If you get a call, text, or email from someone identifying themselves as a DEA agent, it could be a scam.

Your First Steps After DEA Contact

Once you know for sure that you have been contacted by a legitimate DEA agent, you should take these actions:

Remain silent: Don’t make any statements or answer any questions regarding the criminal offense that is under investigation.
Contact an attorney: You have the right to refuse to answer questions until you can consult with a defense attorney or have an attorney present. This is a crucial step, as an experienced defense attorney can provide guidance on what you should and should not say during a federal drug investigation.

Other Signs You’re Under Federal Investigation

If the DEA or FBI directly contacts you about a crime, it may mean you are being investigated in connection to a federal offense.

Here are some other signs that you may be under investigation:
● Someone with insider knowledge warns you
● You hear that federal agents are contacting your friends and family
● You notice you are being followed or surveilled
● You receive a target letter
● Officers come to your door with a search warrant
● You’ve been issued a subpoena

If any of these events happen to you, or you have any other reason to suspect that you are being investigated, contact a defense attorney as soon as possible.

Federal Drug Crime Defense

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