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Drugs Disguised as Candy & Other Methods of Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is an extremely risky endeavor. You can face serious penalties if caught with a significant amount of drugs in your possession or bringing drugs across borders. Still, many individuals engage in drug trafficking. To lessen the risk, some disguise and hide the drugs so they can remain unnoticed, even during a potential search. Let’s go over some strategies people use to traffic drugs.

Drugs Disguised as Candy

One Georgia man was caught transporting drugs that were packaged and shrink wrapped to look like children’s candy. Others have been caught with drugs disguised as popular candies. To most, seeing chocolates in one’s vehicle or belongings would not raise suspicion. However, law enforcement officers have become aware of this newer way of hiding illicit substances and may look closely at all packaged candy, even if it appears legitimate.

Drugs Inside Fake Foods

Some individuals use other foods to conceal drugs. Plastic foods may be hollowed out and filled with drugs, then transported. Like with candy, at first glance, there is nothing suspicious. However, if opened, the plastic food would reveal illegal substances.

Some fake foods that have been used to transport drugs include:

  • Coconuts
  • Limes
  • Carrots
  • Watermelons
  • Asparagus
  • Burritos

Drugs Deep Within a Vehicle

By this, we don’t mean drugs in the trunk or the glove compartment. Some individuals traffic drugs by concealing them deep within the mechanics of their vehicle, or on the underside. For example, stashing drugs under the hood of the car or securing them down by the tires.

Drugs in Wigs

Some like to keep the drugs close, as in, right on their head. Cocaine is one of the most common drugs that individuals hide under their wigs.

Drug Trafficking Attorney in Georgia

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