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What Circumstances Warrant a Drug Conspiracy Charge?

What Are Conspiracy Charges?

The legal term "conspiracy" refers to the criminal act of joining with another individual or individuals in a secret agreement to commit an unlawful deed. Additionally, at least one party must take an additional action that shows their intent to carry out the crime.

Conspiracy charges may occur in regard to:

  • Fraud cases
  • Embezzlement cases
  • Drug cases
  • Murder cases

Drug Conspiracy Charges

Drug conspiracy charges often involve the distribution of an illegal substance—for example, conspiracy to commit drug trafficking. For defendants to face conspiracy to commit drug trafficking charges, it must be proven that two or more individuals agreed to transport illicit substances and took action to do so. An individual could be charged with conspiracy even if the trafficking itself was never completed.

Evidence for drug conspiracy charges could involve:

  • Electronic message evidence
  • Undercover officer testimony after being involved in the conspiracy
  • Evidence collected after a search of the defendant’s property
  • Defendant or co-defendant confession

Drug conspiracy cases are incredibly serious and often come with lengthy mandatory minimum prison sentences. The penalties can become even more serious if any aggravating factors were present for the offense, like if the conspiracy led to someone being injured or killed.

If you are accused of conspiracy to commit a drug crime, like manufacturing or trafficking, you need to take action right away. Do not attempt to handle your case alone, and do not make any incriminating statements.

Atlanta Drug Conspiracy Defense

There are many defense options for drug conspiracy cases, but you’ll need the assistance of an experienced attorney to help you reach the best possible case outcome. Attorney Jeffrey Manciagli can help you determine which is the best fit for the specifics of your case. If you are facing state or federal drug conspiracy charges, contact Law Office of Jeff Manciagli as soon as possible by calling (770) 884-4708 or click here to reach out online.