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  • Not Guilty Verdict in Heroin Trafficking Case

    In May of last year, the Guatemalan Consulate in Atlanta called to tell me that they had referred a potential client to me. The case involved a Guatemalan “Food Courier” who had been charged with drug trafficking after 4 kilos of heroin were found hidden inside some of the food items he was carrying when he went through Customs at the Atlanta airport. The Consulate called me because I had ...
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  • Jeff Manciagli Beats Heroin Smuggling Charges

    Attorney Jeff Manciagli recently represented a man charged with drug-related offenses and secured a very favorable outcome for his client. The man worked briefly as a commercial food courier for a company in Guatemala. When he flew into the Atlanta airport last April, nearly seven kilos of heroin were discovered by customs in his bag. Before the heroin was found, the man denied his position as a ...
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