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Child molestation is a serious crime with severe consequences. Even a false charge can damage your reputation and permanently affect your life. If you have been accused of molestation, you need an aggressive defense to see your charges reversed or dismissed. My firm, the Law Office of Jeff Manciagli, has provided superior criminal defense in Atlanta for over 30 years. I am qualified to handle your case as an attorney and can help you fight for an acquittal.

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Understanding the Severity of Your Charges

Any act involving a child younger than 16 years of age, committed with the intent to provide sexual gratification for either the person or the child, is considered child molestation. As long as the person committing the crime is older than 18, this crime will be charged as a felony sex crime and carries severe consequences.

Depending on the nature of the offense, the punishment for child molestation can entail the following:

  • Between 5 and 30 years for a first offense
  • Between 10 years and life in prison for a repeat offense
  • No less than 25 years with lifetime probation
  • Life imprisonment for aggravated molestation

In addition to prison time, a molestation conviction will alter your life. You will have to file as a sex offender, and will face limitations in working, living, and other areas of life. Don't assume you will be acquitted after a false accusation. Seek proper legal representation from a professional attorney such as myself and start combatting your charges.

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Do not hesitate to contact an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer who can handle your case. When you work with me, I will use the knowledge gained from more than two decades of successful representation to help you secure a favorable outcome. I fight tooth and nail to defend my clients against a broad range of charges, and can offer you the same, personalized defense.

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Unwavering Dedication to Clients

    He made me feel secured, protected, and well represented.

    - Usha D

    Mr. Manciagli has done so much in so little time. In less than one month he was able to contact the courts and got me early termination for my supervised release. I am so grateful, he works fast and always stayed in contact with me.

    - A. M.

    When facing the possibility of losing my freedom, there is no greater comfort than that of knowing I have an experienced, competent lawyer that genuinely cares about me and my well being.

    - Former Client

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